Why You Should think About Artificial Lawns in Perth

Artificial grass made of polyethylene plastic and crumb rubber from recycled tire material has long been looked down upon by many. There’s an interesting shift in the overall public opinion of synthetic turfs however. In the last several years, the acceptance of using this style of grass on your property has become considerably more widespread. If you’ve been thinking of using it yourself, here are several benefits that might help sway you further:

1 – Your Lawn Will Always Be Green

Who wouldn’t want to have a gorgeous, lush green lawn all year around? Artificial grass doesn’t dry out or thin out like natural grass. It will barely even take any damage from the exposure to sunlight. Once you have it installed, your yard will look nice and healthy from then and on.

2 – No More Lawn Mowing!

There are some that enjoy working in their yards, but mowing the lawn can certainly be a taxing exercise. Many homeowners actually put it off as long as they can since it becomes such a chore. It’s especially vexing in hotter climates or for those with especially large properties. With synthetic grass installed, you’ll be able to leave your lawn mower behind.

3 – Affordable Maintenance

As it turns out, it’s going to be rare that you have to do anything to your artificial turf at all. This is going to save you quite a bit of money. You won’t have to run up the water bill for watering, nor will you need pesticide, lawn mower or fuel, or any new weeding tools.

4 – Comfort & Peace Of Mind

Artificial grass is actually quite comfortable to walk on. It’s safe and soft enough to walk on even without shoes. That goes for your children as well! You also won’t have to worry about what might be lurking within out of sight, i.e. twigs, thorns, and other foliage. You’re also far less likely to encounter stray rocks and the like.

5 – Environmentally Conscious

One of the leading concerns some have about synthetic turf perth┬áis its effect on the environment. It’s actually completely safe. The materials used are fully non toxic, without any reliance on abrasive chemicals.

6 – No Mud

Artificial turf is also much cleaner than a natural lawn. You’ll never have to worry about walking into a mud puddle after it’s been raining given the lack of actual dirt directly under the blades of grass. This is especially helpful if you have children or pets that tend to drag muddy messes back inside the house after running around outside.

7 – Reliable Drainage

Speaking of the rainy weather, you’ll have completely worry-free drainage with a synthetic lawn. Many people assume that artificial grass doesn’t hold up well to the rain. It’s actually able to absorb precipitation and filter it down to the infill sand. There’s no risk of flooding, and as mentioned above, mud will be a thing of the past.

Artificial grass is fully UV resistant and completely safe across the board. Once you’ve had it installed, you won’t have to worry about it much at all. It can even look just as good as the most well-kept natural grass. If you’ve been considering going that route for your own lawn, rest assured there are very few downsides these days.