Plantation Shutters – New Kid on the Block

1. What are some of the places Plantation Shutters/Blinds can be used?

Designer plantation shutters and blinds can be made to fit any door or window, and could also be used to divide rooms. Depending on the type of product you choose, there are those that could be used in the interior or exterior of your office or home. Each Plantation shutter/blind is custom-made to fit different spaces like bay windows, port holes, arches and other different shapes and sizes. Each blind is made in a way that it fits your window or door perfectly, ensuring maximum functionality and improving the overall appearance of a room or space.

2. What does “Custom” mean?

Each Blind or Shutter that Design fabricates is made from scratch to fit your door/window perfectly. One of our sales persons will do the initial inspection and take measurements so that we can create a proper quote of what it will cost you to have the blinds or shutters designed. In most cases, we’ll send out a professional fitter to check these measurements again as they must be down to the mm or millimeter. Experience and expertise are both necessary if the kind of results we want are to be attained. Once we have the measurements, they are sent to our manufacturer so that the blind or shutter can be fabricated. Of all jobs we have ever handled, 97% of them are reported to fit the window or door perfectly.

3. How long do shutters and blinds last?

We’ve been providing blinds and shutters to Australians for the last 25-years now. Since we endeavor to ensure that all our products are of the best quality and functionality, the only thing that makes our clients keep on coming back to us is for us to respray their Plantation shutters for a fresh, new look. Our Timber Venetians have a long lifespan too. It is important to note that with continued usage, wear and tear on different parts like cords are bound to happen. Other things that may affect the life of your shutters and blinds include their size and how often they are lowered and raised. The good thing though is that cords can be replaced quite easily after you’ve used them for quite a number of years , allowing you to give your blinds a fresh, new look. Fabric Blinds and shutters come with a 2-to-5-year warranty. Just like with any other product, careful use and proper care should increase the lifespan of your blinds and shutters.

4. Are they expensive?

Plantation blinds and shutters offer a wide range of designs that provide customers various options at different prices. While some are quite expensive, the good thing is that there are a couple of shutter options that are not only quality but are also affordable. At the same time, there are a couple of product options like Timber Venetian, Roller, and Roman Blinds that aren’t that expensive, making them the perfect Plantation Shutters Sydney alternatives. Most of our clients have come to the realization that when they combine some of our products, they can always fit them into their budgets and needs. One common combination is having Timber Venetian blinds on the sides, Plantation shutters and blinds on the front, and Fabric Blinds on the back of a building or home.

5. Why do plantation blinds and shutters come in different shapes and sizes?

Plantation shutters have traditionally had a flat profile blade and rounded edge. The blades are generally thicker at the middle and narrower around the edges. The good thing though is that a shutter’s blade shape does not really affect its functionality. Since the size of the blade does not really affect the amount of light your shutters block out or your privacy, what you choose will be determined by your personal taste and preference. A lot of people think that smaller blades have a more traditional feel/look. At the end of the day, however, the decision will be yours to make. Our team of sales persons carries with them some of the different blades and finish options we have in stock, this way, you can make more informed decisions based on your individual needs and preferences.

Rethinking Open Living Plan Spaces

There are times that an open floor plan is a bit too, we’ll open. It may work great when the kids are little and you’re in need of being very watchful, however, when they’re loud teens, you may wish to have them seen and not heard. In such a large area it is possible to create smaller zones that will help to maintain your watchfulness while allowing you a bit more privacy or quiet time. This article will help you in finding ways to divide your open floor plan up so that you can have a successful relationship with your entire family.

In order to get the best of both worlds, you’ll want to consider your partitioning of the space so that you can preserve light, your sanity and the flow of traffic. You can choose from a variety of functional partitions that will allow for storage, decoration, and privacy. There are some great ways to achieve this.

Open Shelves

Let’s begin with some open shelves. You’ll want to use flexible types of shelving that will allow you to transition your room from one area to the next seamlessly. This will allow the light through and give you some space that is open and airy, yet more private than one large room.

In smaller areas such as a studio, you can use open shelving to design an impression of two rooms without having to sacrifice your connection and your light.

Tip: Never fill every shelf. While this may be tempting, it’s counterproductive. It will look too busy, too full and it will detract from your room’s overall appearance.

Fiber Art

Use these 1960s style hanging ringsĀ feature to create a dining area that is separate from the kitchen or the living area. It will allow you to use a macrame screen that is retro, yet effective at discerning which room is which.


Curtains offer a simple, yet effective way to separate your spaces without having to use anything else. Just use a good old fashioned curtain rod and some lovely curtains (sheets will work here) and you’re in business. An additional feature is that curtains are easy to change out and very flexible so you can easily close the space off when needed (ideal for studios where the bedroom is in the main area).

Your room can look cozy and give you privacy when needed. It will allow the light in but give you the option of dividing up your small space.

Tip: Select fabrics that will allow you to easily have privacy while still looking lovely. Consider darker colored sheets if you need or opt for something that has two or more curtains or a double rod.