Update Your Yard with Glass Pool Fencing

Been thinking about updating that old drab pool fence to a stylish new glass balustrade?

Questions can arise when you are considering glass pool fencing and here are some of the answers.

1. What Is the Reason for the Popularity of Glass Pool Fencing?

Glass pool fencing is popular because it does not obstruct the view while it looks elegant and pleasing. The glass allows you to see right through the fence. Is that not a good thing? It makes it easy to supervise your children from outside the pool, and not having to worry about any other fencing bars that can restrict your view. Maintenance of the fencing can be carried out by just cleaning the glass, and this greatly reduces the required upkeep.

2. Is Security a Problem?

Most people are concerned about the type of security that a glass pool fencing can provide. Is it secure? The answer to this is in a strong affirmative.

There is a lot of safety in glass pool fencing because the glass in the panels is toughened and has thicknesses that are between 8mm and 12mm. These panels are highly resistant to impact and will not break easily when they receive a hit from any object. Even, when they do break, they will not cause injuries to people, because the glass will shatter and the pieces will be too small to cause any damage.

A properly installed glass pool fencing will not be able to move, and this reduces any chances of its movement. The techniques used for fixing the fencing can be of the spigot variety, the channel fixing method or the standoff fixing technique and all of these are secure fixing methods. Australian government standards are used in all Australian council regulations that govern the installations of glass pool fencing all over the country.

Get an experienced fence installer like Pro Glass Pool Fencing Sydney to install your fence and you’ll sleep well.

3. Who Can Install Glass Pool Fencing?

It is best if glass pool fencing is installed by technicians who are experienced and reputed for carrying out such work. Use a technician who is licensed and qualified and able to carry out the work as per Australian standards, as then there will be no problem in obtaining council approvals. Good and experienced technicians should be able to follow all necessary regulations while they complete the installation expeditiously. You can also install the fence yourself, as most of these fences come with detailed instructions for their installation.

4. Do We Have To Consider Surfaces When Installing Glass Pool Fencing?

it is possible to install glass pool fencing on almost any type of surface that is commonly seen around pools. Most pools have concrete or tiles around them, but there are some which may be existing on lawns or other garden surfaces. Tiles or concrete provide lesser problems for installation as all that is needed is to drill holes into the surfaces and use cement to fix any posts securely to the surface. In the case of gardens or lawns, you will first have to create some concrete pads, which can then be used in the same manner as the other harder surfaces.

5. Do You Get Glass Pool Fencing in Colors?

Most glass pool fencing is clear, but you can opt for colored glass panels for your pool fence. Posts used in the fencing can be powder coated in different colors and impart a color tint to the glass. Choose the silver coating for the posts and your glass will give you a silvery sheen.

6. Is Glass Pool Fencing Beneficial?

Glass pool fences are a popular choice for fencing in many Australian homes and are highly preferred by most people. It was an option that had a lot of admirers, but as a rule, homeowners were wary of exercising the option to install them in areas outside the home. They feared that these fences were fragile and expensive. Both of these contentions are not borne out by fact. Glass pool fencing is durable and affordable and this is why it can be beneficial to install them around your pools.