Interior Decorating Tips for 2017

Deciding on a theme, is an urge in interior decorating, that must be resisted.

One theme that is often being asked for is the Cape Cod look. This theme has some certain hallmarks, like ship paintings, blue and white colors and pine lining. This is a style that is not unusual and individual as it has been used many times before. You will have a room that projects a coastal vibe that has been achieved through materials, art and colors without pointing to the obvious cliches.

You need a focal point

Any production will have cast members who play supporting roles and others that have leading roles. Pine lining is a theme that has been used extensively and is not unusual. Decorate a room in this way and it will look coastal because of the colors, artwork and the materials used without having to draw on the overused idea. This is also true in the design aspect.

You have to be careful when you chose something that can be a star and provide a focal point. Other items must have a secondary role. If you have too many things playing a leading role, the effect can be quite raucous.

Your focal point can be the bedroom bedhead, artwork or a mantle in the living room or even a range hood in the kitchen that is dramatic. Your choice of a focal point must always be a thing that invites attention. A fireplace and the lighting around it can be used collectively to create a focal point that will have you looking at the center of the composition and keep you focussed there.

Sight lines

Any focal point must be such that it is clear and free from one room to the other and you must be attracted towards them. The best position for a focal point is something that is directly opposite the entrance to the room.

When the sight line is clear, the seating arrangement around an artwork can draw the viewer into the room.

Knick-knacks must be swapped out

It is not right to hold on to any knick-knack just because there is some sentimental value attached to it. If it does not look right, find some other room or place to display it.

A color like black can be used to become a unifying theme in interior decoration. It makes for perfect balance. As per Coco Chanel, the fashion designer had this to say about accessories. Take one thing off, when you look at a mirror before you leave the house. In interior design, you need to know when to stop using a particular idea.

Scales must be varied

A thing may look good in a store, but look out of place and over sized in a room. It can also be something that looks too small and insignificant. Proportion and scale must always be varied.

You can have a mirror frame that fills up the space on a wall very well, and sand dollars that look like an interesting addition when they are placed below the mirror. By themselves, the sand dollars could look insignificant. In interior decoration odd numbers like three and five are more pleasing as arrangements than even numbers.

Lighting layers can be added

Light the splash back area in a kitchen and highlight artwork can help to fill the interiors of cabinets with light. You will not get this effect if you use a single lighting fixture in the center of the kitchen.

Interior decorators will build layers of lighting to help to create the variety, intrigue and interest in a decor. When a room is evenly lit, no particular item in it will stand out. You have to decide on your primary and secondary focal point and highlight them. You can always add ambient lighting for general lighting and lesser lighting like table lamps.

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