Why You Should think About Artificial Lawns in Perth

Artificial grass made of polyethylene plastic and crumb rubber from recycled tire material has long been looked down upon by many. There’s an interesting shift in the overall public opinion of synthetic turfs however. In the last several years, the acceptance of using this style of grass on your property has become considerably more widespread. If you’ve been thinking of using it yourself, here are several benefits that might help sway you further:

1 – Your Lawn Will Always Be Green

Who wouldn’t want to have a gorgeous, lush green lawn all year around? Artificial grass doesn’t dry out or thin out like natural grass. It will barely even take any damage from the exposure to sunlight. Once you have it installed, your yard will look nice and healthy from then and on.

2 – No More Lawn Mowing!

There are some that enjoy working in their yards, but mowing the lawn can certainly be a taxing exercise. Many homeowners actually put it off as long as they can since it becomes such a chore. It’s especially vexing in hotter climates or for those with especially large properties. With synthetic grass installed, you’ll be able to leave your lawn mower behind.

3 – Affordable Maintenance

As it turns out, it’s going to be rare that you have to do anything to your artificial turf at all. This is going to save you quite a bit of money. You won’t have to run up the water bill for watering, nor will you need pesticide, lawn mower or fuel, or any new weeding tools.

4 – Comfort & Peace Of Mind

Artificial grass is actually quite comfortable to walk on. It’s safe and soft enough to walk on even without shoes. That goes for your children as well! You also won’t have to worry about what might be lurking within out of sight, i.e. twigs, thorns, and other foliage. You’re also far less likely to encounter stray rocks and the like.

5 – Environmentally Conscious

One of the leading concerns some have about synthetic turf perth is its effect on the environment. It’s actually completely safe. The materials used are fully non toxic, without any reliance on abrasive chemicals.

6 – No Mud

Artificial turf is also much cleaner than a natural lawn. You’ll never have to worry about walking into a mud puddle after it’s been raining given the lack of actual dirt directly under the blades of grass. This is especially helpful if you have children or pets that tend to drag muddy messes back inside the house after running around outside.

7 – Reliable Drainage

Speaking of the rainy weather, you’ll have completely worry-free drainage with a synthetic lawn. Many people assume that artificial grass doesn’t hold up well to the rain. It’s actually able to absorb precipitation and filter it down to the infill sand. There’s no risk of flooding, and as mentioned above, mud will be a thing of the past.

Artificial grass is fully UV resistant and completely safe across the board. Once you’ve had it installed, you won’t have to worry about it much at all. It can even look just as good as the most well-kept natural grass. If you’ve been considering going that route for your own lawn, rest assured there are very few downsides these days.

Plantation Shutters – New Kid on the Block

1. What are some of the places Plantation Shutters/Blinds can be used?

Designer plantation shutters and blinds can be made to fit any door or window, and could also be used to divide rooms. Depending on the type of product you choose, there are those that could be used in the interior or exterior of your office or home. Each Plantation shutter/blind is custom-made to fit different spaces like bay windows, port holes, arches and other different shapes and sizes. Each blind is made in a way that it fits your window or door perfectly, ensuring maximum functionality and improving the overall appearance of a room or space.

2. What does “Custom” mean?

Each Blind or Shutter that Design fabricates is made from scratch to fit your door/window perfectly. One of our sales persons will do the initial inspection and take measurements so that we can create a proper quote of what it will cost you to have the blinds or shutters designed. In most cases, we’ll send out a professional fitter to check these measurements again as they must be down to the mm or millimeter. Experience and expertise are both necessary if the kind of results we want are to be attained. Once we have the measurements, they are sent to our manufacturer so that the blind or shutter can be fabricated. Of all jobs we have ever handled, 97% of them are reported to fit the window or door perfectly.

3. How long do shutters and blinds last?

We’ve been providing blinds and shutters to Australians for the last 25-years now. Since we endeavor to ensure that all our products are of the best quality and functionality, the only thing that makes our clients keep on coming back to us is for us to respray their Plantation shutters for a fresh, new look. Our Timber Venetians have a long lifespan too. It is important to note that with continued usage, wear and tear on different parts like cords are bound to happen. Other things that may affect the life of your shutters and blinds include their size and how often they are lowered and raised. The good thing though is that cords can be replaced quite easily after you’ve used them for quite a number of years , allowing you to give your blinds a fresh, new look. Fabric Blinds and shutters come with a 2-to-5-year warranty. Just like with any other product, careful use and proper care should increase the lifespan of your blinds and shutters.

4. Are they expensive?

Plantation blinds and shutters offer a wide range of designs that provide customers various options at different prices. While some are quite expensive, the good thing is that there are a couple of shutter options that are not only quality but are also affordable. At the same time, there are a couple of product options like Timber Venetian, Roller, and Roman Blinds that aren’t that expensive, making them the perfect Plantation Shutters Sydney alternatives. Most of our clients have come to the realization that when they combine some of our products, they can always fit them into their budgets and needs. One common combination is having Timber Venetian blinds on the sides, Plantation shutters and blinds on the front, and Fabric Blinds on the back of a building or home.

5. Why do plantation blinds and shutters come in different shapes and sizes?

Plantation shutters have traditionally had a flat profile blade and rounded edge. The blades are generally thicker at the middle and narrower around the edges. The good thing though is that a shutter’s blade shape does not really affect its functionality. Since the size of the blade does not really affect the amount of light your shutters block out or your privacy, what you choose will be determined by your personal taste and preference. A lot of people think that smaller blades have a more traditional feel/look. At the end of the day, however, the decision will be yours to make. Our team of sales persons carries with them some of the different blades and finish options we have in stock, this way, you can make more informed decisions based on your individual needs and preferences.

Rethinking Open Living Plan Spaces

There are times that an open floor plan is a bit too, we’ll open. It may work great when the kids are little and you’re in need of being very watchful, however, when they’re loud teens, you may wish to have them seen and not heard. In such a large area it is possible to create smaller zones that will help to maintain your watchfulness while allowing you a bit more privacy or quiet time. This article will help you in finding ways to divide your open floor plan up so that you can have a successful relationship with your entire family.

In order to get the best of both worlds, you’ll want to consider your partitioning of the space so that you can preserve light, your sanity and the flow of traffic. You can choose from a variety of functional partitions that will allow for storage, decoration, and privacy. There are some great ways to achieve this.

Open Shelves

Let’s begin with some open shelves. You’ll want to use flexible types of shelving that will allow you to transition your room from one area to the next seamlessly. This will allow the light through and give you some space that is open and airy, yet more private than one large room.

In smaller areas such as a studio, you can use open shelving to design an impression of two rooms without having to sacrifice your connection and your light.

Tip: Never fill every shelf. While this may be tempting, it’s counterproductive. It will look too busy, too full and it will detract from your room’s overall appearance.

Fiber Art

Use these 1960s style hanging rings feature to create a dining area that is separate from the kitchen or the living area. It will allow you to use a macrame screen that is retro, yet effective at discerning which room is which.


Curtains offer a simple, yet effective way to separate your spaces without having to use anything else. Just use a good old fashioned curtain rod and some lovely curtains (sheets will work here) and you’re in business. An additional feature is that curtains are easy to change out and very flexible so you can easily close the space off when needed (ideal for studios where the bedroom is in the main area).

Your room can look cozy and give you privacy when needed. It will allow the light in but give you the option of dividing up your small space.

Tip: Select fabrics that will allow you to easily have privacy while still looking lovely. Consider darker colored sheets if you need or opt for something that has two or more curtains or a double rod.

Update Your Yard with Glass Pool Fencing

Been thinking about updating that old drab pool fence to a stylish new glass balustrade?

Questions can arise when you are considering glass pool fencing and here are some of the answers.

1. What Is the Reason for the Popularity of Glass Pool Fencing?

Glass pool fencing is popular because it does not obstruct the view while it looks elegant and pleasing. The glass allows you to see right through the fence. Is that not a good thing? It makes it easy to supervise your children from outside the pool, and not having to worry about any other fencing bars that can restrict your view. Maintenance of the fencing can be carried out by just cleaning the glass, and this greatly reduces the required upkeep.

2. Is Security a Problem?

Most people are concerned about the type of security that a glass pool fencing can provide. Is it secure? The answer to this is in a strong affirmative.

There is a lot of safety in glass pool fencing because the glass in the panels is toughened and has thicknesses that are between 8mm and 12mm. These panels are highly resistant to impact and will not break easily when they receive a hit from any object. Even, when they do break, they will not cause injuries to people, because the glass will shatter and the pieces will be too small to cause any damage.

A properly installed glass pool fencing will not be able to move, and this reduces any chances of its movement. The techniques used for fixing the fencing can be of the spigot variety, the channel fixing method or the standoff fixing technique and all of these are secure fixing methods. Australian government standards are used in all Australian council regulations that govern the installations of glass pool fencing all over the country.

Get an experienced fence installer like Pro Glass Pool Fencing Sydney to install your fence and you’ll sleep well.

3. Who Can Install Glass Pool Fencing?

It is best if glass pool fencing is installed by technicians who are experienced and reputed for carrying out such work. Use a technician who is licensed and qualified and able to carry out the work as per Australian standards, as then there will be no problem in obtaining council approvals. Good and experienced technicians should be able to follow all necessary regulations while they complete the installation expeditiously. You can also install the fence yourself, as most of these fences come with detailed instructions for their installation.

4. Do We Have To Consider Surfaces When Installing Glass Pool Fencing?

it is possible to install glass pool fencing on almost any type of surface that is commonly seen around pools. Most pools have concrete or tiles around them, but there are some which may be existing on lawns or other garden surfaces. Tiles or concrete provide lesser problems for installation as all that is needed is to drill holes into the surfaces and use cement to fix any posts securely to the surface. In the case of gardens or lawns, you will first have to create some concrete pads, which can then be used in the same manner as the other harder surfaces.

5. Do You Get Glass Pool Fencing in Colors?

Most glass pool fencing is clear, but you can opt for colored glass panels for your pool fence. Posts used in the fencing can be powder coated in different colors and impart a color tint to the glass. Choose the silver coating for the posts and your glass will give you a silvery sheen.

6. Is Glass Pool Fencing Beneficial?

Glass pool fences are a popular choice for fencing in many Australian homes and are highly preferred by most people. It was an option that had a lot of admirers, but as a rule, homeowners were wary of exercising the option to install them in areas outside the home. They feared that these fences were fragile and expensive. Both of these contentions are not borne out by fact. Glass pool fencing is durable and affordable and this is why it can be beneficial to install them around your pools.

Popular Window Blinds in 2017

A blind is a type of covering for windows and they are many different types of blinds that use a variety of control system. When planning for the decoration of your home, you need to consider blinds. They have gained extreme popularity and they have formed a vital part of home décor, but if you want to give your home that perfect look, choose the perfect blinds for your window. They can be used in any room in your home such as living room, kitchen, bathroom etc. Before selecting the blinds, you need to consider few things. And one of those things is various types of blinds available.

Venetian blinds

This is the most popular type and is made of horizontal slats, one slat above another. They are basic blinds that are slatted and made of plastic or metal. A strip of cloth is used to suspend hanging slats and you can rotate them to 180 degrees which allow light as required. The blinds are perfect for use in washrooms and bathroom because they can be closed completely. They are available in different materials like metal, plastic, and wood. The slats width can be between 15mm, 25mm, and 35mm. the good thing is that the blinds can be cleaned easily with a dry cloth.

Honeycomb blinds

These blinds are shaped into diamond cells and made out of lightweight solid cloth. They come in different variety of colors. Some blinds of this style can slip down from the top or up from the bottom, making them a versatile option to be used in any room at any time of the day. They can also be used to darken a room which is a great choice for a bedroom.

Roman blinds

They come in a variety of colors to match just any décor. These blinds are made of cloth designed to accordion fold that facilitates easy movement and to smoothen out as they move down. The only problem is that they are harder to clean than other blinds, but there are some of the styles that can be removed from the window to be washed.

Outdoor Blinds

Are you looking to add another room to you home? Well if you have an existing patio with an awning, you can add patio blinds to it and create an outdoor room. So many people with nice patio areas are choosing to install cafe blinds in Sydney these days. The beauty of outdoor blinds is they can be installed on a track, so they lock in to the awning pillar and they block out wind and rain (and of course sun). The perfect way to to protect your outdoor kitchen and patio furniture all year long.


They are the most functional blinds used widely for office room in the house. They are usually made of plastic material. The most remarkable feature is that these blinds do not allow the morning light to come in. these styles use roll up instead of using a rope to pull them. Some roller blinds are on rollers and they move side to side instead of up and down.

Vertical blinds

They are made from vertical hanging slats that are attached together. They are perfect for large windows and sliding doors. These blinds are made from different materials and styles namely solar, fabric, stiffened plastic, aluminum, and faux wood. They are the perfect choice for energy efficiency, light control and to impart your home with a distinct look.

Tips for Hanging Art at Home

Adding personal artwork is a wonderful way to make your new home feel warm and inviting while personalizing your space. Photographs, collectibles and art add drama and personality to each space; however, you must know the proper way to do this to avoid making your home look cluttered.

When determining which pieces to display, choose the most important pieces and group them together. Instead of trying to display everything, opt for just a few pieces in each room. Using this technique will also allow you to switch out artwork with the seasons or when you want something new.

Once you have determined which art pieces will go in each room, it is important to lay them out on the floor before hanging them. This will give you the opportunity to experiment with placement. Most people respond best to order. Design your layout in a square or rectangle design using a variety of shapes and sizes. If you will be hanging your artwork on your stairs, the design will be different. In this case, you should stair step them down the stairs.

If you will be placing your grouping above a couch or other piece of large furniture, place your smaller items along the side or at the bottom of the arrangement to help add value. Your largest piece will be your focal point and the eyes should naturally travel around the other items in your grouping.

If your artwork will be hung on a blank wall, the largest piece should be at the bottom of the layout to help anchor it. The smaller items should be located along the sides and the top of the artwork.

In addition to the layout of your artwork, you will need to determine the proper height to hang your artwork. If you place it too high above a piece of furniture, it can make the two segments feel disconnected. You should hang the artwork approximately 6-8 inches above your furniture. If the artwork will be hung on a blank wall, the lowest portion of the artwork should be 58 inches from the floor. This measurement will help ensure your artwork is hung at eye level. There are exceptions to this rule. For example, if the artwork is small, you may need to hang it higher. If the artwork will be viewed from a seated position, the artwork will need to be hung a little lower.

Another thing to consider is the spacing of your artwork. When you are grouping multiple pieces of art together, you should leave a minimum of two inches around each piece of art. Furthermore, the open space should be consistent between all pieces of your grouping. When choosing artwork, you want to ensure there is a balance between your artwork, furnishings and other items, such as lamps and tables, in the room.

The hardware you choose to hang your artwork can affect the overall design and stability of the grouping. Choose picture hooks rather than nails to help evenly distribute the weight of the artwork. These hooks are sold by the amount of weight they can support. Space two hooks equal distance apart to help distribute the weight. Finally, if an item weighs more than 60 pounds, you will need to use wall anchors to support the artwork and prevent it from falling.

When you have your artwork framed, ask that only acid-free products and UV protected glass be used. This will help keep it looking great for years to come.

Never place your artwork in direct sunlight as it can fade and damage the art and the frame. If you are hanging artwork above a fireplace, be careful as the heat can destroy your pieces.

Interior Decorating Tips for 2017

Deciding on a theme, is an urge in interior decorating, that must be resisted.

One theme that is often being asked for is the Cape Cod look. This theme has some certain hallmarks, like ship paintings, blue and white colors and pine lining. This is a style that is not unusual and individual as it has been used many times before. You will have a room that projects a coastal vibe that has been achieved through materials, art and colors without pointing to the obvious cliches.

You need a focal point

Any production will have cast members who play supporting roles and others that have leading roles. Pine lining is a theme that has been used extensively and is not unusual. Decorate a room in this way and it will look coastal because of the colors, artwork and the materials used without having to draw on the overused idea. This is also true in the design aspect.

You have to be careful when you chose something that can be a star and provide a focal point. Other items must have a secondary role. If you have too many things playing a leading role, the effect can be quite raucous.

Your focal point can be the bedroom bedhead, artwork or a mantle in the living room or even a range hood in the kitchen that is dramatic. Your choice of a focal point must always be a thing that invites attention. A fireplace and the lighting around it can be used collectively to create a focal point that will have you looking at the center of the composition and keep you focussed there.

Sight lines

Any focal point must be such that it is clear and free from one room to the other and you must be attracted towards them. The best position for a focal point is something that is directly opposite the entrance to the room.

When the sight line is clear, the seating arrangement around an artwork can draw the viewer into the room.

Knick-knacks must be swapped out

It is not right to hold on to any knick-knack just because there is some sentimental value attached to it. If it does not look right, find some other room or place to display it.

A color like black can be used to become a unifying theme in interior decoration. It makes for perfect balance. As per Coco Chanel, the fashion designer had this to say about accessories. Take one thing off, when you look at a mirror before you leave the house. In interior design, you need to know when to stop using a particular idea.

Scales must be varied

A thing may look good in a store, but look out of place and over sized in a room. It can also be something that looks too small and insignificant. Proportion and scale must always be varied.

You can have a mirror frame that fills up the space on a wall very well, and sand dollars that look like an interesting addition when they are placed below the mirror. By themselves, the sand dollars could look insignificant. In interior decoration odd numbers like three and five are more pleasing as arrangements than even numbers.

Lighting layers can be added

Light the splash back area in a kitchen and highlight artwork can help to fill the interiors of cabinets with light. You will not get this effect if you use a single lighting fixture in the center of the kitchen.

Interior decorators will build layers of lighting to help to create the variety, intrigue and interest in a decor. When a room is evenly lit, no particular item in it will stand out. You have to decide on your primary and secondary focal point and highlight them. You can always add ambient lighting for general lighting and lesser lighting like table lamps.